Midtown Memories


Presented by Thai Artists Alliance in collaboration with the Roger Smith Hotel
5 - 7:30pm
The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Fl,
New York, NY
5:00 - 5:30pm  Opening reception
5:30 - 5:40pm  Film screening introduction
5:40 - 6:40pm  5 short films screening
6:40 - 7:10pm  Panel discussion with directors
7:10 - 7:25pm  Q&A session
7:25 - 8:15pm  Cocktail hour
Midtown Memories is the first film collaboration showcase between local Thai arts organization, Thai Artists Alliance and mid-Manhattan boutique hotel the Roger Smith. The joint project features the short films of five Thai filmmakers, all shot within the location of the Roger Smith Hotel. Though each film shares the same location, they tell a unique story whose themes and subject matter are as diverse as the filmmakers themselves.
APART (Director: Kanin Koonsumitawong)
This story depicts Ian, a talented young singer and songwriter, in a New York City hotel the night before his band’s tour.
Director Bio: A graduate from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Kanin’s film Mariya won the White Elephant Award at the 10th Thai Short Films and Video Festival and was a finalist of the SCG Young Thai Artist Award in 2006. His short film Beloved was a finalist at the Thai Short Film and Video Festival in 2008.
CONDITIONAL LOVE (Director: Niramon Ross)
After spending time apart for many months, a British man decides he has had enough of traveling back and forth from London to New York to spend nights with his beautiful girlfriend. One evening, on their second anniversary in a hotel room, he surprises her by asking her to be his wife. But, as he soon finds out, she has an even greater surprise in store for him.
Director Bio: Niramon has been working as a director of photography for 20 years. Her work has included TV commercials, music videos, short films, documentary films, and feature films. She is currently based in New York.
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (Photographer and Story: Udom Surangsophon)
A unhappy young couple check into a hotel in New York for their one year anniversary hoping to revive their lost love. Things are so bad that they can’t even look each other in the eye. What has gone wrong?
Photographer bio: Udom graduated from Hunter College and obtained a graduate degree from NYIT. His love for classic black and white photography combined with the great interest he has in contemporary arts make his creative work unique. He specializes in interiors, architecture and still lifes. He works with interior designers, architects and publications including Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, Elle Decoration (Thai edition), Wallpaper (Thai edition)
CHIMERA (Director: Thamnoon AR-Taroprayoon)
Against the backdrop of Manhattan, a man experiences the passage of time.
Director Bio: A post graduate film student at New York Film Academy, Thamnoon works include television commercials, movies and short films. He is a cinematographer, a mile collector, art appreciator and marathoner.
LOVELY NARCOLEPSY (Director: Somchai Roongkon)
A young man falls in love with a woman. In Central Park one day he decides to ask her to marry him. However, he suffers from a condition that causes him to fall asleep at the most inconvenient times and proposing, as it turns out, is not so easy.
Director Bio: Somchai received his Diploma in Digital Filmaking from New York Film Academy and MFA in graphic arts at Silipakorn University in Bangkok. He has taught art within the faculties of fine and applied art at Burapha University in Thailand, as well as within the faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic art at Silipakorn University.



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