Thai Artists Alliance (TAA) was founded in October 2009 in New York to encourage and support Thai artists living and working in the United States of America.

The formation of TAA fulfills the dream of establishing the prominence of Thai art and culture in the multicultural community of New York. The group is dedicated to promoting Thai artists to the general public with work that spans fine art, design, photography, film and performing arts.

It is also the goal of TAA to further the appreciation of Thai people through the arts as well as serving as a creative resource and supportive organization for Thai artists.


  • To create a strong community of Thai artists across the U.S.
  • To pool support and resources to effectively promote contemporary Thai culture, art and artists working in fine art, design, photography, film and performing arts
  • To generate greater opportunities for Thai artists to publicize their work in the contemporary art world at an international level
  • To enhance cross-cultural exchange, awareness and appreciation of art and culture between Thais and Americans in the U.S.


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